Held in Wildness, hosted by Maggie Burrows and Vida Hofweber, is a podcast that invites us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, explore interconnection within the weave of the universe, and sink deeply back into the truth of who we truly are. Held in Wildness elicits our deep cellular memory to awaken our living connection with Gaia. We awaken the ancestral song humming in our bones. What happens if we truly connect? What gasp of wonder is on the tip of our tongue?

Together we will journey the wheel of year, exploring season rituals, ancient traditions, moon phases, plant magic, archetypal energies, goddesses, and all things heart nourishing and spirit lifting.

Episode 9:

Winter Solstice

The longest night of the year brings forth our musings on stillness, darkness and slowing down.

🌟This season may feel joyful or sad, or both. Through recognizing these dualities within us and going deeper within ourselves, we alchemize and shed light on the gifts that we may have forgotten about.

✨🌕✨The full moon and our inner seeds/dreams will show us the way.

episode 8:

samhain- Navigating liminal time

The time of magic and revelry is upon us! The quality of the light is much more golden and diffuse , the world smells of crushed leaves, and the early darkening is shifting the course of each day. Samhain marks “the witches’ New Year” and signals that we are moving into the dark and quieter time of the year.

It is said that the veil between the seen and the unseen worlds is the thinnest at this point in the year. Many traditions the whole world over mark this as an auspicious time to honor the ancestors and beware of the magical beings from the otherworld. Death will always eventually mark a powerful new beginning.

In this episode we explore:
🍂 Samhain and its traditional celebrations and rituals
🍂 How to balance Venus retrograde in Scorpio
🍂 Powerful ancestral healing and honoring
🍂 Sacred darkness and shadow work
🍂 Crystal magic
🍂 A light & dark balancing breathing practice

Episode 7:

Mabon- The Autumnal Equinox

Held In Wildness is back with a new Mabon Episode! If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the season will turn with the Autumnal Equinox. You have probably already felt the brush of cool air on your cheeks in the evenings and noticed the subtle sigh of the plants as they cascade their leaves and seeds in a last hurray of summer abundance.

In this Episode we discuss:

*The symbolic aspects of Mabon/Autumn Equinox

*We talk about the medicine of slowing down and re-examine what it means to surrender and re-imagine what it means to explore darkness.

*A delicious seasonal recipe for homemade herbal chai to awaken our senses, activate our pleasure, and soothe our digestion.

*We share a guided Tree Meditation weaving together our awareness and intuition on beautiful journey connecting us to what we have cultivated this year, how we are feeling at this turn of the season, and any important messages at this turning point in our lives.

*Fall can be an incredibly potent time for creativity, yet many of us notice the whole Earth around us reflecting the call inwards and downwards. If you harvest herbs, you know that the resinous root medicines are are at their peak potency, and with a subtle turning inwards we can also increase our inner magic reserves. We have a three card Tarot spread for you and three journal prompts to illuminate your own personal medicine for the Equinox.

Also, we created a Held In Wildness Instagram account @heldinwildness! You will meet Maggie’s bees, see her flowers and farmstand, and Vida’s herbal preparations and different stages of herbs growing throughout the season. Come on over and let us know how your tarot reading go or tag us in a post with your homemade chai. We would love to hear from you.

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Episode 6:

Embracing our Inner Sun & Keeping Cool with the Feminine

Traditionally, the summer solstice is all about celebration - celebrating the sun, the longest day of the year, and the start of an abundant harvest! But the solstice has a somewhat serious undertone: it’s the longest day of the year, the peak… so the energy, as well as the light, will wane from here on out.

But there’s no reason to let that hold us back! How can we bask in the sunshine, strengthen our inner power center (solar plexus), shine the light on our entire inner being? And find some relaxation and coolness within the feminine realm, to maintain the harmony within? The summer solstice is all about the sun, the masculine, taking action, DOing. We invite you to simply find some moments for BEing: maybe when you take a moment to sit back and enjoy the plant allies we discuss during this episode.

Episode 5:

Beltane- Making Magic with Sensual Spring Energy

Ooo let your wild self out to gallivant under the stars and imbibe fresh nectar from the flowers. Beltane is upon us and illuminated with energy of a Full Moon! Traditionally, this is the time of year where the grand sensuous flowering of the Earth is celebrated. The veil is once again thin, blurring the realms of the seen and unseen— and the fairies come out of their sacred fairy hills adorned with silvery bells to dance through the night! 
In this podcast episode, we expand into the heart chakra and discuss how we can use our erotic energy to flow into our creative callings. Yes! We include two guided meditations to explore the sacred union between yourself, your divine longings, and the guidance from the unseen realms as well as super blissful meditation harmonizing all the energy of the chakras in your heart. So stay tuned until the very end. We would love to hear from you. We would be so honored to hear about your own personal Beltane rituals or what you experienced during the meditations.

Episode 4:

Ostara- Attuning + Blooming

Earth is arousing from her wintry slumber and the signs of fertile growth are sprouting. Let us consider the conditions from which we too naturally are called to germinate the seeds of growth within and what makes us thrive!

In this episode we talk about:

How our plant allies can mirror and guide us towards own highly individual process of growth in a way that is honoring and aligned.

The goddess Ostara,her sacred symbolism, and how she is alive and well today—especially at this turn in the wheel of the year.

Hieros-Gamos- the sacred alchemical marriage, or unification of opposites, and how we can see the living metaphor in Earthly Spring growth.

A guided visualization to connect with the Earth and the seeds you may be inspired to plant at this moment.

Vibrational elixirs to support your own inner season and outer season whether you are inviting in expansion/joy/trust or are needing support loosening energy around grief or an underworld journey or transformational restructuring of your life.

episode 3:

Spring Time Self Nourishment Rituals & Practices

Renew and invite in the light of the Spring with simple rituals and practices to cleanse including self massage, bathing in mountain streams and revitalizing our homes. Join Vida & Maggie in keeping self care throughout the seasonal cycles sensual and simple.

Episode 2:

imbolc-divining the dark, invoking the light

Drawing upon the archetypal energies of Persephone and Brigit, we weave the threads between underworld initiation and cracking open with our light.

We share Spring time herbs for vitality, nervous system relief, immune support, and restorative self love.

episode 1:

inner nourishment

andwinter solstice


Juicy, healing, real conversation about living with the cycles of nature. We explore themes of inner nourishment through ritual, herbal plant magic, and attuning to the moon phases. We delve into ancient traditions of the Winter Solstice, the hearth, and how we can bring this ancient wisdom alive in our modern lives