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Life coaching is about creating a union with your essential self. It is about creating a dialog between your way of taking action and the demands of your heart. Life coaching, from the way that I approach it, is a way of learning how to channel the energies within one’s self so that one can live in balance and with a greater sense of purpose and delight. 






A Bit About My Journey

Fourteen years ago, I made two huge choices to follow my heart. I did not feel sensible at all. At my university, I dedicated myself the study of studio art and religious studies, not even being officially religious! As it turned out, it was one of the most powerful and transformative chapters of my life.

I met an incredible mentor who exposed to me painting dreams and doing what she called "inner work". In class, we studied dreams, talked about shadow, persona, ego and other strange but delightful words like "anima mundi". In essence, she taught me how to work towards the ancient decree "know thyself", she taught me how knowing oneself could avoid loads of trouble, and bring immense meaning and steadiness to this human existence.  I was hooked. I could use art, symbol, and ritual to radically shift my relationship to the challenges of everyday life and the wounds of childhood.

I applied to my own modern day version of Hogwarts, and was accepted, yay! At Pacifica Graduate Institute, I was able to further my training in inner work via Archetypal and Jungian psychology. During my experience at Pacifica, I had take an even deeper look at my own psychic configuration, and let me reveal--it is painful to profoundly recognize the unskillful ways of being you have been living with forever. I found myself feeling unbearably uncomfortable in my own skin before I could fully start to shift and change based on those realizations. 

At the end of my training, I realized how immensely grateful I was to have had the exposure and training which allowed me to feel like I had somehow circumvented 20 years of life mistakes! After writing the thick tome, that was my thesis, I went out into the world to share all that I had learned and experienced through working as therapist. 

About three years ago, my beloved career started to feel incomplete, like I was missing something. Slowly, I began to piece together that as much I loved the alchemical process of healing in therapy, that I felt limited and restricted in what I could offer. As I followed out inner calling, I recognized that I wanted to not only work with people to heal their wounds but I wanted share in increasing and radiating the light that people have to share with the world. My desire to channel my offerings in the form of  life coaching was born. Now I am delighted to be working with women moving towards freedom and aligning with their heart. And so it is!

My Training and Experience

My training and experience have taken me on a path of formal, supervised, academic training as well as experiential, spiritual, and direct knowledge practices which have created a beautiful union in my life coaching offerings. In some circles, the two pronged approach of being an academic as well as having personal spiritual experience is known as the "both eyes open" approach. Call it what you will, I love it! In terms of credentialed experience, I have six years of experience as a mental health therapist where I have worked to heal deep trauma, tend to wounds of the soul, and have walked along side my clients to create meaning out of great loss. I have a master's degree in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I also hold a B.A. in Religious Studies with a minor in Studio Art from Humboldt State University where I specialized in psychology and religion, feminist theory in religious experience, as well as buddhist philosophy. 

Alongside my formal degrees, I have also trained and studied in other areas of health and consciousness. I am a passionate lover of herbal medicine and have studied holistic medicine for the past ten years with herbal teachers and adjunct classes. My yoga practice began sixteen years ago and led me to take an Anusara Immersion program which immensely deepened my personal practice and enriched my knowledge of yoga philosophy.  I have been cultivating a formal meditation practice for the last ten years, the past seven of which has been highly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. I have also pursued dream work and had my socks knocked off by a six month experiential training in the Dream Tending method by Stephen Aizenstat. 

All of this education, training, and experience has culminated in a potent foundation for me to offer soul centered life coaching. 

If you love discovering how to be truer to yourself day by day, it is my intention that this website serve as a source of rejuvenation on your journey. My aspiration is to share an abundance of practices and methods to cultivate clarity, wisdom, empowerment, self compassion, and vision. 

Join the current magic making with ceremonies, oracle card readings, herbal medicine and weaving of visions through the online sisterhood, The Exquisite Conservatory of Wise Women. 

We welcome you.