creative mentoring for soul sustaining careers + ritual lifestyle 


The essence of archetypal work is following the language of the soul, the innate force moving through you, guiding you towards the truest expression of you. In shared time together I listen intently as your essential self speaks.  I translate language of soul as it speaks through metaphor, somatic sensations, and spontaneous images of the imagination and allows me support you in following the path it spontaneously illuminates before us. Archetypal coaching is electric, rootsy, poetic, and curious. I don't rely on any formulas to invoke the spark of transformation and wonder and instead use the wand of curiosity. 

Archetypal theory assumes an essential healing quality in each person's psyche. The Greek word psyche, translates to "soul", "butterfly", or "the invisible animating principle". The psyche, or soul, not only has an innate healing function which can be provoked, but has an intrinsic guiding force, whose movements lead towards living in our radiance as our most stripped down, essential being. The wisdom of the psyche is familiar yet revelatory, like the resounding feeling of home that can arise in a traveler's heart as a faraway mountain village crests into view. Soul work is indispensable to wholeness in world that spreads us thin and scatters our dreams. 


What are you seeding in your heart?

Hello! I am Vida Hofweber.

I offer holistic business coaching for women who love the Earth. I am a co-host of the ‘Held in Wildness’ podcast. I host seasonal rituals and women’s circles along with other workshops throughout the year. I live in rural Northern California along the Redwood coast with my husband and two cats. I believe in making offerings to the ancestors and spirits of the forest. I am an herbalist, a lover of healthy eco-systems, an artist, a meditator, and an intersectional feminist. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Studio Art.


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